Gardening is a passion which elevates your mood and spirits. If you are new to gardening, the various tasks can feel a bit tiring at first. However, gardening is not a day’s job. It requires hard work and patience. Depending on the seasons and months gardening should be done. In fact, it is advisable to have a yearly planner to yield the best from the garden. This infographic gives us a detailed insight into the steps for gardening. Every month follows the steps and soon you will have a flourishing garden.

Plan your monthly garden tasks using this calendar. From January through December this calendar will help you plan outdoor activities so the garden stays in great shape and you can enjoy it all year round. The steps provided are not too tedious and can be easily managed. Each month tasks are based on the weather of that month and you should make sure it is suitable to your needs. A little bit of variation can be based on the location and weather of the place where you have thought to put up the garden.

Each month starting from January, you will find information about what steps you should take and how to get the utmost out of the respective month. Hence, if you start from January and follow each step properly you will see that the garden grows gradually and consistently. At the end of the year, in December, you will have your own Christmas greenery and soon you will be ready for the next year.

This yearly garden planner is prepared by experts and has been time tested. You can remove a printout of this infographic and stick it in a convenient place in order to get a ready reckoner for you throughout the year. Enjoy your gardening with this beautiful garden planner.


Garden Annual Planner



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