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We begin by meeting with you in the space to examine the key elements. The size, shape, degrees of light and shade and functional requirements will help us determine what can be accomplished. We are experienced in creating many different garden styles so together we'll create a plan within your budget that includes the hardscape (paving, structures, pots and planters), as well as the specific landscape (trees, shrubs, perennials) that will thrive in your space. Whether a new garden or a renovation of an old one- we incorporate your idea of what a garden should be. If you want containment and seclusion, or to use the skyline as open panorama, we can help you achieve your ideal garden space.
We transform beautify and maintain terraces, rooftops, planters, courtyards, backyards, front yards and more and provide all the service you need with one phone call.

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Our team includes experienced designers, horticulturists, irrigation specialists, masons, carpenters, gardeners, and contractors who have the specific knowledge required to create, install and maintain a healthy garden successfully.

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