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Top Quality Gardening Services in Kensington, London

It can be a hassle to juggle a strenuous career and maintain the house at the same time. Especially when you are in one of the busiest cities in England, i.e London! And don’t even start thinking about the garden in front and at the back of your house. The grass can’t be trimmed, flowers are fighting with the weeds for soil nutrients. The time needed to maintain the garden would be quite impossible to fit in your already jammed up schedule. So what are the options left for you?

About Us

Thankfully, we at Backyard Gardeners London are here to accommodate all of your gardening needs. We are confident to tell you that we are the simplest solution you will ever need to turn your garden better than ever! So, if you happen to live in Kensington, then you can contact us.
Confidently, we can say to you that we are available 24/7, around the clock and even accommodate sudden appointments. We know how gardening emergencies can get! Our prices are quite reasonable too with no hidden cost. Anyone with a garden around Kensington can call us and we will be able to give you a pricing of each of the services we provide.
We are proud to say that our team consists of experts that have the right amount of experience to accommodate to whatever gardening needs you have. The garden specialists include garden contractors, designers, carpenters, horticulturists and masons. Each carrying the specific familiarity needed to remake or simply maintain your garden!

Services We Provide

We provide all the basic services such as rubbish removal, garden landscaping, small tree surgery, patio cleaning and lawn care. Whatever kind of gardening designs you want, or major changes you need, we can assure you, we are confident enough to do it. As long as you are satisfied with our service, that makes us happy. You can have a look at our gardening project gallery to see what we have done for our recent customers.
As far as our landscaping designing is concerned, we have several themes of designs we can suggest, depending on the garden area. We are able to do both classical and modern gardening designs. And for small tree surgery, we have ample experience how to maintain the fully grown plant without damaging its roots, keeping it healthy as ever.


The best part about our services are, we maintain an all-natural method of gardening. Since global warming has become a serious issue, we try to go green in every way we can. From the fertilizers to other gardening related tools, products used are all natural and does not cause any harm to nature at all. So if you want a gardening service that is not only available immediately, but also costs at an affordable range and most importantly is environmentally friendly, then be sure to give us a call at Backyard Gardeners. We will be more than happy to assist you in your gardening needs.