lawn mowing services in London


lawn mowing services Taking a regular care is a must if you want to have a healthy and good looking lawn. We at Backyard Gardeners London offer a full range of professional lawn maintenance services, such as lawn mowing, aeration, dethatching, irrigation, weed control, and seeding.

Having the equipment and skills to deliver just the results our clients expect, we can help with even the most overgrown and damaged lawn.
No matter the size of your garden, the lack of a regular care will result not only in an uneven, tall grass but will cause more damages to the flora of your lawn that you know. Save yourself the troubles and let us do the hard work for you.

Why are Backyard Gardeners the perfect solution for your lawn?

  • Our professionals have the experience and know-how gained throughout the years of servicing yards and gardens in London.
  • Backyard Gardeners are fully equipped. We know having the right tools is vital for every professional gardener, especially when it comes to lawn mowing.
  • Our services are flexible and always available. You are the one to decide when you’d need us to help you out with your garden. Simply give us a call and arrange your next appointment with us.


What will you get by choosing us?

  • Your lawn healthy, in a perfect shape without any effort. We will mow your grass making sure it’s even and will get rid of any weeds affecting the condition of your lawn.
  • The damaged areas of your lawn due to human traffic, pests, weeds or other factors, will start growing green again.
  • Have a question or concern regarding your lawn in between our visits? We are always ready to help out, whether you need an advice or wants us to come over and fix the situation for you.


Having a great lawn shouldn’t be a difficult and time-consuming task for you. Count on us to get your lawn mown and in a tip-top shape and save your free time for yourself. Choose the professionals you would love to book again and again and stop wasting time on trying out different gardening service providers and solutions.
Give Backyard Gardeners a try and see the quality of our mowing and lawn care services for yourself. Call us today on +44 1296 340408 to book your first service.


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