patio cleaning services in London


patio cleaning services The patio is an essential part of every garden, where people spend most of their time during the warm days. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch, a BBQ, a lovely family gathering or a cup of tea and a good book to read – those are just some of the activities we are all planning spending outside in the garden when the weather is nice. Don’t let the condition of your patio reflect your plans.

As an important part of the outdoor area of the house, the patio needs a regular care. We at Backyard Gardeners London know exactly what it takes to maintain it in a perfect condition. Our services include patio cleaning, sweeping and weeding and will not only help you get the original look of your patio back but will also protect it from potential damages due to weather conditions and other factors.

Taking care of the patio requires a lot of time, energy, and effort, but it doesn’t have to be so for you. We are here to help. With the patio cleaning services by Backyard Gardeners all you’ll need to do is planning how to spend your free time outdoors.

Why choose Backyard Gardeners to clean your patio?

  • We know how to provide you with just the results you are looking for. Whether it’s winter is about to end and you want to get your patio ready for the warm days again, or you would like to get rid of the oil spots and dirt left from the BBQ, we do understand your needs and are here to help.
  • Our professionals have the skills and the equipment needed to clean your patio. The Backyard Gardeners London will sweep, brush, wash and remove any dirt from the flooring using only the tools and means the specific type of your patio requires.
  • We offer a variety of gardening services you can choose from. Together with your patio, we can take care of the driveway. Oil spills, stubborn stains, and dirt are some of the most common problems, which our specialists will remove in no time.We also can help you with the shaping of the trees, hedge trimming, garden landscaping.
  • Whether you need to use our patio cleaning services just once or you prefer to have regular visits, Backyard Gardeners London are available and ready to help you out. We know sometimes plans change, so you could easily reschedule or even cancel your service in advance.


What will you get from our services?

  • A perfectly clean patio, protected from the damaging factors and weather conditions.
  • Your beautiful garden complete and ready for the lovely warm days.
  • The care and attention to details only our professionals could give you. We know how to make our clients happy and are always ready to help.


Don’t let the condition of your patio stop you from enjoying your garden to its fullest. Rely on us to get it just in shape for all the lovely outdoor moments you deserve to have. Choose our patio cleaning services and we will make sure to become your favorite gardening professionals, ready to help with every aspect of your lovely garden.
Give Backyard Gardeners a try and see the results of the patio cleaning services for yourself. Call us today on +44 1296 340408 to book your first service.