garden rubbish removal services in London


The green waste in the garden due to the change of seasons, the construction waste after a renovating or building a new home and the old furniture abandoned somewhere outside your property in order to make more space for the new items are only some of the reasons people are looking for a waste disposal service in London. Our company is licensed and equipped to take care of the rubbish you want to get rid of by collecting, transporting and removing it in the most eco-friendly way. Postponing dealing with the issue will only make it worse. Stop leaving this job for later, count on us to free you from the rubbish and save you time, energy.
Is there a waste you’d like to get removed? Give us a call and we will provide you with the rubbish removal solutions you need. Our specialists have years of experience in removing all kinds of waste from properties in London. Our services include green waste disposal, furniture removal, and construction waste removal.

Why choose Backyard Gardeners to get rid of the rubbish?

  • The rubbish removal experts from Backyard Gardeners will help you get rid of the waste harming your garden and home in the most affordable and timely way
  • We will help you tackle a long postponed task off your to-do list and will save you the energy and time planning it on your own
  • Our company and services are entirely eco-friendly. We have just the equipment, the vans, and the people to deliver only satisfying results


What will you get by ordering rubbish removal services from us?

You will have your beautiful garden clean again

  • You will have the unwanted items removed from your property without lifting a finger
  • Your free time back, so you could plan it in the best possible way with the people you love


Organising the rubbish disposal doesn’t need to be a hard work. In fact, with the help of Backyard Gardeners, it will be the easiest thing to do and you will have your property free from rubbish in no time.

Give Backyard Gardeners a try and see the quality of our rubbish removal services for yourself. Call us today on +44 1296 340408 to book your first service.


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