tree pruning services in London


tree pruning services in London areaА complete garden care includes not only the maintenance of the lawn and the patio but also the trees. We at Backyard Gardeners London provide the professional services a garden requires, tree pruning and tree surgery, which result in beautiful, flourishing trees for years to come.

It goes without saying that a safety equipment must be used when pruning trees in the garden. Don’t risk your safety doing it on your own and simply get in touch with Backyard Gardeners to book your tree pruning service in London. We are fully trained and equipped and will do everything needed in your yard for you.

Our tree pruning services in London include:

  • removing diseased or damaged branches (due to weather factors like strong wind, etc.)
  • thinning and shaping the crowns of the trees
  • reducing the height of the overgrown trees and the size of their crowns


Why choose Backyard Gardeners?

  • We have years of experience in the tree pruning and reduction services and are perfectly aware which exactly branches we would need to have pruned
  • The Backyard Gardeners have the clients’, their properties’ and their own safety in mind and thus always work with the proper equipment
  • You will have a better looking, healthy and safer garden, thanks to our professionals
  • We offer more than one service you could take advantage of and you wouldn’t need to call different professionals every time


What will you get from your tree surgery services with Backyard Gardeners?

  • Perfectly shaped and healthy trees, making your garden complete.
  • Safe yard for you and your family to enjoy
  • All your gardening services in London done by the same professionals.


Tackling this job on your own is dangerous and that’s why we are here for you. Ensure your own safety and enjoy your beautiful garden and trees with just a single call. We are available and ready to give you a hand with all the gardening tasks in London you need help with.
Give Backyard Gardeners a try and assure of the great results from the tree pruning services yourself. Call us today on +44 1296 340408 to book your first service.